colloidal iodine solution【 JCI MN colloidal iodine (C.I.M.N)】

Colloidal Iodine Laboratories is a manufacturing and development company.

In 2019, cancer accounted for 376,392 deaths by cause of death in Japan, and cancer has occupied the first place since 1981, facing the reality that about one in two people will get cancer and one in three people will die from cancer.

This is followed by heart disease (207,628), senility (121,868), and cerebrovascular disease (106,506), and these top four diseases account for about 60% of all deaths. The top four diseases account for about 60% of all deaths. However, no breakthrough treatment for cancer has yet been found.

In addition, many people suffer from intractable diseases for which the cause is unknown and treatment methods have not yet been established.

The colloidal iodine preparation (JCI MN Colloidal Iodine (C.I.M.N.)) was developed to help many patients suffering from cancer and intractable diseases.

Our “JCI MN Colloidal Iodine”®️ is the only colloidal iodine approved in the world by the Ministry of Ayurveda of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.

It is not approved in Japan, but it is recognized as a medicine in Sri Lanka.

Approved for medicinal products by the Ministry of Ayurveda, Government of Sri Lanka in 2016

Ayurveda: a 5,000 year old Indian-Sri Lankan tradition of medicine recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Colloid iodine therapy has a wide range of cases and a wide lineup

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Colloidal: larger than a molecule, but invisible to an ordinary microscope, particles 10-9 to 10-7 cm in diameter are dispersed in gas, liquid or solid.
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JCI MN Colloidal Iodine is the most widely used colloidal iodine in Japan.
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